Barcelona not keen on F1 ’rotation’ idea

"Our will is to continue having a fixed place on the calendar"



27 April 2021 - 13:22
Barcelona not keen on F1 'rotation

Circuit de Catalunya boss Ramon Tremosa wants the Spanish GP to remain an annual fixture on the Formula 1 calendar.

There are suggestions that, as new hosts like Miami enter the sport, some existing European races may need to head into an annual ’rotation’ scheme.

Tremosa told El Mundo Deportivo newspaper that he is opposed to that.

"We cannot lose the continuity that we have," he said, "because if you leave the calendar it is very difficult to return.

"Our will is to continue having a fixed place on the calendar rather than go into this rotation," Tremosa added.

He said negotiations with Formula 1 are taking place at present.

"The negotiations are underway and we will be discreet about them," said Tremosa. "Formula 1 is very interested in continuing to have this event and we have good hopes, but the negotiations are not completed."


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