Barcelona knows ’nothing’ about rival Madrid bid

"We want to have the grand prix here continuously"


15 May 2023 - 12:02
Barcelona knows 'nothing' (…)

Circuit de Catalunya boss Jose Luis Santamaria says he knows "nothing" about plans to get a Formula 1 race on the streets of Madrid up and running.

The current Spanish GP contract with the venue outside Barcelona runs until 2026, and plans appear to be well advanced for a potential switch to Madrid after that.

When asked about Madrid’s rival bid, Santamaria said all he knows is that the Circuit de Catalunya intends to remain on the F1 grid "in the long term".

"From day 1 that we signed the renewal contract until 2026, we have already been talking about the future," he is quoted by Diario Sport.

"Our relations with Formula 1 are constant, very close and very good. And our objective is none other than the renewal of long-term contracts.

"We are immersed in a strategic plan for investment, adaptation and improvement of the facility, this always has to be linked to long-term contracts," Santamaria added.

When asked more specifically about Madrid, he insisted: "We have no knowledge of this project. We know nothing that we can speak about.

"The only objective is long-term renewal, and the facts back that up."

One potential solution, however, could be for Barcelona and Madrid to annually alternate hosting the Spanish GP.

When asked about that, Santamaria answered: "That is something that was already raised many years ago and our position has always been the same.

"We want to have the grand prix here continuously, permanently. And it is a fact that for these 33 years it has been like that."

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