Aston Martin wants to sign a new contract with Alonso

"As a team, we were blown away from the first day"


25 November 2023 - 10:09
Aston Martin wants to sign a new (...)

Aston Martin wants to sign a new contract with Fernando Alonso.

On Thursday in Abu Dhabi, the Spaniard said his first year with the Silverstone based team was one of his best-ever performances in a long and successful Formula 1 career.

His friend and former rival Robert Kubica agrees.

"Alonso," said the Pole when asked if he would sign the Spaniard or seven time world champion Lewis Hamilton if he was running a F1 team.

"In my opinion, Alonso is the strongest of everyone even with an uncompetitive car," he told Gurulandia. Better even than Max Verstappen?

"In an uncompetitive car, yes," Kubica insisted.

Alonso left Alpine last winter to join Aston Martin because the former team admitted it had concerns about the 42-year-old’s advancing years.

"No, I’m not concerned," Aston Martin team boss Mike Krack insisted on Friday when asked if Alonso’s age is even a factor when contemplating the possibility of a contract extension for 2025.

Alonso is already under contract for 2024.

"I think I don’t have to answer that question," Krack added when asked if he will offer Alonso a new deal for 2025. "Absolutely yes."

"As a team, we were blown away from the first day – until today actually. To be honest with you, I always thought it was a bit honeymoon months in the beginning but I’m quite happy that we have managed to extend the honeymoon."

"I think we have received a remarkable team player, constructive at all times, especially when it was difficult. When the car was competitive – or, more competitive – it’s obviously easier to be constructive but the true qualities came out, and let’s take this Mexico example, that both drivers, it would have been easy to take the microphones and slam the team, go against the team, and it would probably have been deserved but I think the true qualities of the team-playing character of both drivers came out in that time."

"And, for me, that is one of the highlights of the season, as a team, that we managed to stick together in that time."

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