Aston Martin to supply F1 safety car from 2021

Aston Martin will use its DBX model for the medical car



18 November 2020 - 08:33
Aston Martin to supply F1 safety (...)

Aston Martin will share F1 safety car duties with Mercedes from 2021, according to authoritative sources.

Italy’s respected Autosprint and La Gazzetta dello Sport publications claim a deal has been done between Formula 1 and Lawrence Stroll-controlled Aston Martin to supply the safety and medical cars at half of the grands prix.

Mercedes, the exclusive safety car supplier since 1996, will continue to supply the cars at the remaining grands prix.

The news cements the growing links between the Stroll-led Aston Martin brand and Mercedes, with Toto Wolff also a minor Aston Martin shareholder.

Italy’s Autosprint said Aston Martin will use its DBX model for the medical car, while the model for the safety car is yet to be decided.

La Gazzetta dello Sport said Aston Martin’s safety car could be either the DB11 or the DBS Superleggera.


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