Aston Martin owner’s son says ’everyone’ wants Newey

"So yeah - rumours are rumours"


22 June 2024 - 11:39
Aston Martin owner's son says (…)

Aston Martin team owner Lawrence Stroll’s son admits that "everyone" in his father’s position wants to sign a contract with the great Adrian Newey.

As Formula 1 headed to Barcelona for the Spanish GP, rumours emerged that Red Bull refugee Newey, arguably the most respected designer in F1 history, had been given a private tour of Aston Martin’s new Silverstone HQ recently.

The rumours suggest Newey has a lucrative and tempting offer from Ferrari on the table, but told Aston Martin that he would consider a deal for $30 million a year.

As the rumours swirled, Fernando Alonso admitted he would like to work with the 65-year-old engineer, but he warned the paddock not to be fooled by the rumours.

"It’s coming from the same source and the same websites of one week ago that he was in Ferrari and there would be an announcement at 12 o’clock before the race in Canada," the Spaniard smiled.

"So yeah - rumours are rumours."

Teammate Lance Stroll, owner Lawrence’s son, also admitted he has heard the rumours.

"Mainly from the media, yeah," said the Canadian. "Last week they said he was going to Ferrari, now he’s coming on board with us, next week they’ll say he’s going to Williams," Stroll smiled.

"He’s certainly a legend, he has more world titles than anyone else in the paddock, and everyone loves Adrian and wants to sign him."

When asked why Newey might end up choosing Aston Martin, the 25-year-old driver said: "We have an exciting factory, a young team and an exciting project to offer.

"We have the new wind tunnel and all the new facilities that certainly makes our team an attractive option."

Team boss Mike Krack was also asked about the Newey rumours in Barcelona, and answered: "When we see how many names have been associated with our project in recent times, it honours the vision of Lawrence.

"I think it gives credibility to the project," the German added. "Maybe a few years ago, if we had linked these names to our team, no one would have taken it seriously. So I think we’re flattered by that."

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