’Affordable’ Las Vegas GP ticket slammed as ’madness’

"No assigned seat for over a thousand euros?"


19 June 2024 - 14:10
'Affordable' Las Vegas GP (…)

One of the world’s most respected specialist sports publications has slammed the new "affordable" price for a ticket to the Las Vegas GP as "madness".

The glitzy and controversial race’s CEO Renee Wilm, responding to criticism of the extraordinary prices offered for the inaugural event last year, this week unveiled a "much more affordable" price-point for the limited standing-only general admission area.

"We continuously strive to deliver value and broaden our product ladder to make the Las Vegas GP accessible to more fans, while maintaining exceptional fan experiences," Wilm said.

The three-day price, however, is an astonishing $1,350 - plus taxes and fees.

"No assigned seat for over a thousand euros?" exclaimed Jacopo Moretti, a journalist for Italy’s authoritative La Gazzetta dello Sport.

"Almost madness, but not in Las Vegas. The good news is that you get free food and drinks," he added.

Moretti also quoted Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc as admitting his recent concerns that Las Vegas has already become an almost exclusive race for the rich.

"I hope that Formula 1 is thinking about this," he said. "There are many expensive events now but true fans of this sport cannot afford to come to the circuit.

"This is a problem that needs to be addressed."

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