Williams and Ferrari used Toyota wind tunnels

Six other teams will also use the Toyota facilities



31 January 2011 - 09:16
Williams and Ferrari used Toyota (...)

Two teams have recently utilised the facilities of the departed formula one team Toyota, it has emerged.

The German-language Speed Week said Cologne based Toyota Motorsport GmbH, whose impressive facility including two wind tunnels is available for external parties to hire, has counted Williams and Toyota among its latest clients.

The report said Ferrari has confirmed that some of the development of Ferrari’s new F150 car was done after booking time in the Toyota tunnels.

Technical director Aldo Costa has reportedly confirmed that Ferrari turned to Toyota due to the cost-cutting limitations placed on staff and wind tunnel time.

Williams, meanwhile, has two wind tunnels of its own at its Grove headquarters, but Speed Week said the British team "has developed parts for its new car at Toyota".

The report said as many as six other teams will also use the Toyota facilities.

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