Tyre rules up for discussion

A change ahead of the new season?


27 January 2010 - 10:36
Tyre rules up for discussion

While the points system may be up for tweaks ahead of the new season, Autosport reports that the tyre rules could also be amended in order to create greater scope for strategy in races.

With refuelling banned this year, tyre changes will still take place with pit stops now expected to be in the three-to-five second range. However, should the rule changes be confirmed, the top ten qualifiers will have to start the race on the tyres used in qualifying rather than a fresh set optimised for the first stint of the race.

In theory, a driver expecting to qualify in the lower top ten could opt to use the less desirable compound of Bridgestone Potenza in qualifying with the aim of having the more favourable rubber for the start of the race.

Equally, a driver could opt for the preferred qualifying tyre in order to try and gain the pole position, but would then be compromised in the first stint of the race.

Again this year Bridgestone is providing two compounds of tyre, the prime and the option. Usually the option tyre, the softer rubber, is used for qualifying and frequently for the opening stint of the race. This however varies depending on the grip levels and wear rates at a given circuit.

Autosport reports that the rule change could be agreed by the WMSC next week.


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