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Trulli critical of Pirelli tyre behaviour

"The tyres are not well balanced"



24 February 2011 - 07:45
Trulli critical of Pirelli tyre (...)

Jarno Trulli has admitted his disappointment with new supplier Pirelli’s formula one tyres for 2011.

"I think their development work was missing something," said the Italian veteran in an interview with Autosprint.

"The tyres are not well balanced," explained the Team Lotus driver.

"Pirelli says the FIA has asked them to make tyres that wear quickly, but I don’t think this is the problem. In my opinion, the degradation is secondary to the balance on the track.

"When you have new tyres there is initially understeer and then three laps later the behaviour is different — either oversteer or impossible (handling)," said Trulli.

The 36-year-old is also critical of F1’s ever-changing regulations.

"Frankly, with regards to KERS, is it exciting? The people at home just want to understand," he insisted, "but if you change the rules every year, all you do is confuse them."

Trulli also had criticism for Italy’s motor racing federation as well as Ferrari, when asked about why Italian drivers are a dwindling breed in F1.

"I know who to thank for my career and it is not the Federation," he said.

"And Italians have historically not been included in Ferrari’s programmes; I don’t know why but it’s true."

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