Traditional colours remain at McLaren

Whitmarsh explains standard livery


29 January 2010 - 12:51
Traditional colours remain at McLaren

The new MP4-25 launched this morning in Newbury has a number of interesting aerodynamic features but as team principal Martin Whitmarsh explained, the car on display does not feature the definitive rear diffuser that will be in use next week in Valencia.

However, one notable aspect of the new design is the traditional McLaren Mercedes livery that is largely unchanged from last year. Race fans in chat rooms and forums had been busy speculating about a possible return to a traditional orange McLaren livery.

Mercedes of course is no longer an equity partner in the team having purchased Brawn GP and rebranded the team as Mercedes GP, but the colours of the MP4-25 do not reflect the ownership changes.

"This is a McLaren brand which works for our partners and us," said Whirmarsh when asked about the livery. "I’m sure our friends in Stuttgart want to see four silver cars near the front.

"We’ll have a free competition and we’ve enjoyed a great partnership," he continued. "We remain close friends and we work together. They will look good together in convoy."


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