Todt ’half positive’ about 2017 season

"I still remember my time with Michael Schumacher at Ferrari"


28 June 2017 - 13:03
Todt 'half positive' about (…)

Jean Todt says he is "half positive" about how the first half of F1’s 2017 season has gone.

After eight races, most are thrilled with the new cars and the championship battle, and FIA president Todt told Germany’s Sport Bild it has been "great".

"I’m half-positively surprised by the season," said the Frenchman.

"Half positive, because it would have been a really good surprise if not only two but four teams were fighting for the world championship.

"But, after all, it is great that we do not know who will win the next race," Todt added.

"I still remember my time with Michael Schumacher at Ferrari," he recalled.

"People always complained to me that they knew the result before the race. With Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel, we at least now have a real two-man fight.

"Formula one needs action and emotions, and the two of them are doing that at the moment," Todt continued.

Mercedes has won the past three F1 titles, but Todt thinks his old team Ferrari might now be ready to succeed again.

"Ferrari has done amazing work and yes, I think they can be competitive all year through," he said.

"Vettel’s approach reminds me a bit of Michael’s. The professional working, the ability to pull a team together, and like Vettel, Michael did not like to lose."


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