Timetable change for Ferrari in Valencia

Felipe Massa will drive two days

By Franck Drui

31 January 2010 - 12:35
Timetable change for Ferrari in Valencia

The cancellation, due to bad weather, of the promotional filming day at Fiorano featuring the F10, has had a small knock-on effect to the testing programme in Valencia.

Felipe Massa will actually drive for two days, on Monday and Tuesday, with Fernando Alonso driving on Wednesday, the final day of the test. This was an option that had already been put forward on the timetable set out by the engineers over the past few weeks: it means that Felipe will be able to provide immediate and detailed feedback in terms of a comparison between the F10 and the F60.

Below is the new provisional timetable :

  McLaren Mercedes Ferrari Renault Toro Rosso Williams Sauber
1 February Paffett Schumacher
Massa Kubica Buemi Barrichello De la Rosa
2 February Hamilton Rosberg Massa Petrov Buemi Barrichello Kobayashi
3 February Button Schumacher Alonso Kubica Alguersuari Hulkenberg De la Rosa


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