Schumacher ’sits in the sun’ - magazine

"What luck!"



27 November 2014 - 12:56
Schumacher ’sits in the sun’ - magazine

A German lifestyle magazine is being criticised for publishing a photo of Michael Schumacher on the cover of its latest issue.

Media insiders say the photo of the F1 legend, wearing sunglasses and a black winter jacket, may appear initially to be the first look at Schumacher since his horror skiing accident eleven months ago.

It is on the cover of the German magazine ’Die Aktuelle’ - meaning ’current’ or ’up-to-date’ in German - and accompanied by the headline: "What luck!

"Michael Schumacher sits in the sun!" it announced.

The German newsmagazine Focus described the cover and caption as ’deceptive’, as the photo dates back long before Schumacher sustained his head injury last December.

Die Aktuelle claims Schumacher is now able to sit in a wheelchair and is "pushed onto the terrace by Corinna on mild autumn days".

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