Schumacher sees improvements

"There will be more to come"


By Franck Drui

30 March 2010 - 09:47
Schumacher sees improvements

"I know that might sound awkward but I take a lot of good aspects from the race weekend in Melbourne. Of course that does not show at first sight but looking into our weekend more deeply, I find we did improve quite well and have a good reason to be quite satisfied - just not from the pure result obviously. But analyzing Qualifying I think both Nico and me could have been ranked 2 to 3 positions better. I had a too conservative set up in the end which was too much concentrated towards the race, plus I had a tear-off strip stuck in my front wing which too cost me some time. And going into the race from those better positions would have meant fighting for the podium.

All that means that we are not too far away, and I am quite confident there will be more to come. So going to Malaysia we know that clearly we improved our pace since Bahrain which is a good feeling. It was a lot of fun fighting in Melbourne even if it was just for one point, and I will enjoy fighting again in Sepang. We would like to show another good race."

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