Renault mechanic cut in Monaco pitlane

Back in action for the prestigious Monaco grand prix



29 May 2011 - 11:03
Renault mechanic cut in Monaco (...)

A Renault mechanic has returned to work on Sunday despite suffering an injury in the cramped Monte Carlo pitlane.

He was struck with the sharp front wing endplate of a passing car and on Saturday was nursing a deep gash on his knee, but will be back in action for the prestigious Monaco grand prix.

At the same time, disappointed to learn he has definitely been sidelined for the race, Sergio Perez nursed his concussion and sprained thigh in the local Princess Grace hospital by watching the GP2 race on television.

He then watched his friend and Mexican countryman Javier Hernandez, who is a forward with Manchester United, take on Barcelona in the Champion’s League final.

Barcelona, however, won.

"C u back in Montreal," Perez, 21, confirming in Spanish that he lost consciousness in the crash, told his fans on Twitter.

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