Red Bull wing flex not illegal - Whiting

"We have found nothing unusual"



30 March 2011 - 15:36
Red Bull wing flex not illegal - (...)

Charlie Whiting has dismissed fears Red Bull could fall afoul F1’s rules prohibiting flexible aerodynamic components.

As was the case in 2010, the dominant team has again been accused of running a car whose front wing extremities bend to the track - so much in Australia that mechanics were constantly repairing damage to the endplate undersides.

But FIA technical delegate Whiting told Germany’s Bild newspaper: "We have found nothing unusual. The car is in order."

The real issue for Red Bull’s rivals is the overall laptime gap witnessed particularly in qualifying, although it is suggested Sebastian Vettel sandbagged en route to Melbourne victory.

"Between us and Red Bull is a big gap," admitted McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton, who finished second at Albert Park.

Added Mercedes’ Norbert Haug: "The last time we saw a car so superior was a long time ago."

He told Sport Bild: "Even without our problems, we would only have admired Red Bull from afar."

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