Red Bull abandons F-duct for Turkey GP

"There are undesirable side effects"



29 May 2010 - 09:09
Red Bull abandons F-duct for Turkey (...)

Red Bull has abandoned the F-duct innovation for the rest of the Turkish GP weekend.

Sebastian Vettel’s RB6 was fitted with the McLaren-style rear downforce stalling solution on Friday in Turkey, but although promising he also reported that it had not worked "100 per cent".

The team has decided not to use its hand-activated system for qualifying and the race.

"There are undesirable side effects," confirmed Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko.

"We are going to check the data and try again in Montreal," he added.

Meanwhile, it emerges that after Ferrari used a hand-activated system in Spain, it is believed the developed version in Turkey is controlled by the drivers’ left foot.

"We have solved the problems of Barcelona," said Fernando Alonso, referring to the fact that downforce was also leaking in the corners.

"Our system is not yet perfect. We need to keep working on it."

It had been reported that Force India’s hand-activated F-duct test on Friday had been a success, but Adrian Sutil said the team still has "a lot to learn" about the concept.

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