Press ’certain’ Spa ended Vettel’s title tilt

"We’ll see if this error costs him the world championship"



30 August 2010 - 15:40
Press 'certain' Spa ended (...)

Sebastian Vettel was bearing the brunt of the international media’s post-race wrath after the Belgian grand prix.

Italy’s La Repubblica said the Red Bull driver gets involved in incidents "at every race".

"He could easily have won this world title, but now it is certain that he will not," said the major Rome-based newspaper.

German Vettel, 23, lost control of his RB6 at Spa-Francorchamps and took out fellow championship contender Jenson Button.

"Vettel is the big loser of this season," agreed the Milan published Corriere della Sera.

Said triple world champion and commentator Niki Lauda: "We’ll see if this error costs him the world championship.

"There is pressure and you have to deal with it," added the great Austrian.

But there is support for 2009 runner-up Vettel.

"Check it off and look ahead," advised seven time world champion Michael Schumacher, according to the SID news agency.

"The worst thing is when so-called experts - and I must include myself - give him all sorts of advice. He knows what happened and what should have been different.

"All I can say is the year is still long," added Schumacher.

Former German grand prix driver Christian Danner said: "It’s not that he wants too much - he was just too impatient."

Swiss counterpart Marc Surer added: "He wanted to overtake and it went wrong. You can’t blame him; following someone is not his style and I like that.

"Yes, it went bad, but on the other hand, you have to attack."

And famous German touring car driver Klaus Ludwig said: "The conditions were extremely difficult - you can’t believe how much. It’s like walking an extremely narrow tightrope."

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