Newey unlikely to ever make F1 team switch

"I can’t see myself moving on to another formula one team"



29 May 2010 - 10:42
Newey unlikely to ever make F1 team (...)

Adrian Newey has revealed he is unlikely to ever switch from Red Bull to another formula one team.

Red Bull’s highly paid and respected chief technical officer was recently reported to have removed a clause from his contract that set a definite end-date.

The 51-year-old contemplated retirement almost ten years ago, before recommitting to McLaren but then switching to Red Bull in 2006 on an estimated $10m per year retainer.

Newey admits to the Guardian that when he does leave F1, he is not sure what he will do.

"I’ve looked at (designing) yachts but that seems the only sport more anti-social than motor racing. I don’t know.

"I can’t see myself staying in this in my 60s but I can’t see myself lying on a beach either. At the same time I can’t see myself moving on to another formula one team," he said.

When Newey initially joined Milton Keynes-based Red Bull, the infrastructure essentially put in place by Jaguar was not on the level of the top teams.

Now, Red Bull is F1’s pacesetter, and the Briton said: "We’ve managed to create a very good working environment here. It’s a good, honest, engineering-based team that goes about its task."

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