Montoya says ’no chance’ of F1 return

"Some people tell me I should go back to F1, but I’m happy"


29 December 2010 - 09:19
Montoya says 'no chance' (…)

Juan Pablo Montoya has played down the prospect of reversing his switch from F1 to America’s premier NASCAR series.

During a difficult tenure at McLaren in 2006, the Colombian moved to NASCAR and today still races a Target-sponsored Chip Ganassi entry.

"Some people tell me I should go back to F1, but I’m happy," said the 35-year-old, who made his F1 debut for Williams in 2001 and won 7 grands prix in total.

"I think it is clear that there is no chance of going the other way at the moment," added Montoya, according to the Spanish language

In 2010, Montoya failed to finish among the top 12 Sprint Cup contenders; a system for deciding the series champion known as The Chase.

"At this moment I am happy, my sponsor is happy and Chip Ganassi is happy and that’s all I care about," he insisted.

He says NASCAR is "more fun" than F1.

"I saw the (Abu Dhabi) finale this year and it’s like it has been all the time - one car is a second faster than another but he cannot pass.

"They say the problem is the tracks but honestly F1 has always been the same," he added.

Montoya said he thinks F1’s new champion Sebastian Vettel deserves the title.

"He’s got talent even though he did everything possible not to win it," he said of Vettel.

"He and his team made many mistakes that made it very complicated for them, but I think the fastest driver and car won," added Montoya.


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