Michael Schumacher’s most embarrassing race

The 7-time World Champion suffered several avoidable mistakes at Budapest



31 July 2012 - 09:26
Michael Schumacher’s most embarrassing

Michael Schumacher suffered one of his most embarrassing races at the Hungarian Grand Prix last weekend, as the once dominant 7-time World Champion carried out a list of mistakes which ultimately saw the German driver retire on lap 58. Whilst Schumacher floundered at the back, team-mate Nico Rosberg could only manage a highly uncompetitive 11th.

Michael Schumacher’s disastrous race ended before it had even begun, as the Mercedes driver lined up on the grid in the wrong grid slot. This led to the race start being aborted, which in turn led to Schumacher switching his engine off due to a misinterpretation with regards to the delay.

hilst the rest of the field circulated the Hungaroring once again to carry out a second formation lap, Michael Schumacher was despondently wheeled into the pit-lane where he eventually started the race from. However, the German legend’s woes didn’t stop there, as he picked up a drive-through penalty for speeding in the pits. So once the race started, Michael Schumacher not only had to join the action from the pit lane, he then had to return to the pits to serve a penalty.

As the German driver was lapped by the leaders, he received another dose of bad luck in the form of a puncture. This forced Schumacher to make yet another unscheduled return to the pits, and only added to the miserable race weekend which the German driver seemed to be enduring. After 58 laps, Michael Schumacher’s dreary race came to a conclusion as the Mercedes outfit decided to retire the car due to overheating and telemetry issues.

“Our engine temperatures were very high before the start, and when the yellow lights came on, I switched the engine off.” Confirmed Michael Schumacher after the race. “After I had started from the pit lane, I picked up a penalty and then a puncture. So all in all, the beginning of the race was not very pleasant for us. Everything you do not need came together. We did not have full telemetry before the start and during the period of overheating, and this is why we finally decided to retire so as not risk any damage which might make us suffer in the next race.”

Michael Schumacher will undeniably be hoping for better luck next time out at the legendary Spa-Francorchamps circuit, where the German driver made his debut back in 1991 for Jordan. This will be the German’s 300th race, on a track which he has enjoyed much success on throughout his exceedingly dominant career.

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