McLaren begins staff shuffle by ousting Tim Goss

"McLaren confirms a review of its technical operations"


By Olivier Ferret

27 April 2018 - 09:41
McLaren begins staff shuffle by (...)

Amid a disappointing beginning to the 2018 campaign, McLaren has decided to shuffle its technical operation. It has been reported that chassis chief Tim Goss has already left his position with the team, with more potential changes on the horizon.

The team itself hasn’t formally announced the departure of its chief technical officer, it has been reported that the team is making the switch as it begins to undergo a full-scale analysis of its processes to determine how they can effectively turn things around before it’s too late. The moves appear to be an acknowledgement by McLaren that their shortcomings were hidden during the Honda years.

A spokesman for McLaren told the BBC, “McLaren confirms that it is undergoing a review of its technical operations as part of its programme to return the team to success. This is a proactive, ongoing process that addresses a broad range of factors across the organization. More details will be given in due course. Until that time there will be no further comment.”

McLaren’s car has been struggling with straight line speed and downforce thus far. If you take the time to browse the best sports betting sites out there, very few give McLaren much of a chance to compete for any titles this season.

Goss was one of three leaders of McLaren’s technical staff along with chief technical officer Peter Prodromou and chief engineering officer Matt Morris. It is currently unknown whether Prodromou or Morris will remain with the team following Goss’ departure.

Goss had been with McLaren since 1990 in a variety of roles. It is also unknown whether Goss will remain with McLaren in another job or if he will leave the company altogether.

The team’s racing director, Eric Boullier, said recently that the team must conduct a thorough review as to why it has not enjoyed much success so far in 2018. Several outside analysts believe that the basic issues the team is having on the car side were not there during the aforementioned Honda years.

Boullier said, “We have the same engine as Renault and Red Bull and we are behind, so there is no hiding nothing else than fact. We need to understand why we are slow in qualifying, why we are better in the race, and why we are behind the other Renault teams. Full stop. There were obviously some questions asked in Bahrain, there is still an ongoing process because we have to address it, and we will address it, and we are about to address it.”

The change comes about two weeks after Zak Brown was handed more responsibility as McLaren Racing’s chief executive officer. Based on this move, it is clear that Brown has taken an active and aggressive role in trying to figure out what has gone wrong with McLaren, and he is taking steps to ensure that the problems get solved in a timely manner.

McLaren’s Fernando Alonso currently sits sixth in the driver standings, while Carlos Sainz Jr. is 12th. McLaren is fourth in the Constructors’ standings behind Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull.

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