Massa wants to be more competitive this year

“I’m racing in a team where I want to win”



28 January 2011 - 18:52
Massa wants to be more competitive (...)

In 2009 you directly experienced driving with the Kers. How do you feel about using it again this year?

“I think that we’re working in the same direction as in 2009 and since then lots of development has been done. We haven’t tried it out yet, but I think that we’ll have a good Kers, a little bit lighter and still strong, without losing the car’s set up. It’s important finding the perfect system with all the variables involved.”

Do you think that you’ll have problems regarding the visibility due to the height of the car’s nose?

“The nose is higher, but we’ve worked a lot on changing and setting up the seat. It seems as if for now there weren’t any more problems.”

The season is very long: did you review your physical exercise schedule?

“I exercised a lot. Usually I’m in Brazil, because it’s warmer there and now it’s summer. Here in Europe it’s more difficult. I also considered the weight, regarding the Kers.”

Last year your driving style wasn’t perfect for the car. Did you give some indications this year?

“Yes, but many things have changed. I want to be more competitive from the first to the last race this year and I think that also the Pirelli tyres will help me here.”

How should the Pirelli tyres be made to help your driving style?

Last year Bridgestone changed the front tyres a lot compared to 2009. This led to lots of understeer. The tyres were much harder and difficult to bring up to the right temperature. I tried to modify the front tyres, but then the rear tyres didn’t work as they should have, so it was a real fight. This year Pirelli should have prepared much stronger front tyres, for more grip. This is much better for my driving style.”

There were some unpleasant episodes for you last year. Did you ask for guarantees from the team?

“I’m racing in a team where I want to win. I trust the team 100% that they give me the perfect car to compete for victory.”

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