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Lowe backs 80kg minimum driver weight for 2019

’Being forced to lose weight can lead to health problems’



24 January 2018 - 09:43
Lowe backs 80kg minimum driver (...)

F1 will end the controversial topic of driver weight by introducing a new rule for 2019.

Driver weight has been a thorny topic in recent years, as heavier cars put more pressure on bigger drivers to slim down.

But Auto Bild reports that the FIA will end the controversy for 2019 by introducing a minimum ’driver plus seat’ weight of 80kg.

If the driver-seat combination tips the scales below 80kg, tungsten ballast will be added to the bottom of the seat, the report added.

The move has reportedly been made to ward off further pressure on the drivers to lose weight, particularly with the introduction of heavy Halo devices in 2018.

Referring to the 80kg minimum driver weight for 2019, Williams’ technical boss Paddy Lowe told Auto Bild: "I think it’s a good thing.

"For good reason, many drivers have been asking for this for years. Especially in the case of young drivers, constantly being forced to lose weight can lead to health problems," he added.

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