James Key: We have a pretty aggressive plan for development

"The car is a real mix of very different approaches"

By Franck Drui

31 January 2015 - 17:33
James Key: We have a pretty aggressive

James Key talks about the philosophy behind STR10, the team’s Chief Race Engineer reckons Toro Rosso have a good understanding of how the car goes together, while the Team Manager believes the teal should not fear the technology.

James Key – Technical Director

"The car is a real mix of very different approaches in some areas, while also refining and developing what we felt were some of the more solid philosophies of the 2014 car," says Key. "It will look quite different by the time we get to Race 1 and we’ve got several very new ideas which have gone into it, which the team is exploring for the first time, which makes it an interesting project. We’ve pushed the limits of timing much more with STR10 than with passed cars and we’re dealing with it really well. We have a pretty aggressive plan for development. We’ll turn up to Race 1 with a fundamentally different car to the one we run in testing."

Phil Charles – Chief Race Engineer

"This year, we are excited as it feels like we have conquered a lot of the difficulties we had in 2014 with the power unit change and the upheaval it brought. By the end of last year, we were able to change power units very quickly and we had got on top of all the installation difficulties, as well as having a better understanding of how the car goes together. In terms of procedures and operations at the race track, everything will be much quicker this year."

Graham Watson – Team Manager

"Operationally we should be in a better place in 2015 because the technology is now a year old and we won’t make any substantial changes from what we have done previously. We learned some valuable lessons last year, which means we now know enough to not be scared of the technology."


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