Hockenheim not on 2019 calendar

"We have not been able to reach a viable model"



28 June 2018 - 09:55
Hockenheim not on 2019 calendar

There will be no German grand prix at Hockenheim in 2019.

The circuit is hosting a race next month, but organisers have been unable to reach a new deal with F1 owner Liberty Media.

"We are not surprised but of course it’s a great pity," Hockenheim boss Georg Seiler told Sport Bild as well as DPA news agency.

"We talked with Liberty Media but made it clear time and time again that we are interested in continuing only if the financial risk is minimised.

"We have not been able to reach a viable model at least for the upcoming season," he added.

Seiler said Hockenheim is now hoping for a comeback in 2020.

"The goal remains a fundamentally changed business model," he said. "To what extent our ideas can be aligned with those of formula one in the future, we will see."

As for next month’s German grand prix, Seiler said Hockenheim is hoping to attract a crowd of 70,000 on Sunday, which would mean financially breaking even.

It is possible that Liberty Media will now pursue its talks with the Nurburgring.

"Since the beginning of 2017, we have had proactive negotiations with Liberty Media and, in March 2018, we discussed new opportunities for cooperation," said chief executive Mirco Markfort.

"Our proposals are on the table, now it’s up to Liberty Media to decide," the Nurburgring chief added.

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