Hamilton explains ’Ali G’ joke to FIA stewards

"They accepted his explanation"



29 May 2011 - 20:21
Hamilton explains ’Ali G’ joke to FIA (...)

Lewis Hamilton returned to the Monaco paddock late on Sunday to explain his "poor" joke, McLaren team boss Martin Whitmarsh revealed.

Even before a post-race penalty for his crash with Pastor Maldonado was applied, the McLaren driver was furious after the grand prix, slamming FIA officialdom, Maldonado and Ferrari’s Felipe massa.

"It’s an abosolute frickin’ joke," he told the BBC.

Asked why he has been summoned by the stewards so many times in 2011, the Briton answered: "Maybe it’s because I’m black. That’s what Ali G says. I don’t know."

Some foreign-language reporters were left scrambling the paddock to find out what ’Ali G’ meant, while others wondered if the McLaren driver was joking as cooly as the famous British comedian.

"These drivers are ridiculous," he stormed.

The tirade - particularly the racial undertone - could find Hamilton afoul the FIA regulations about bringing formula one into disrepute.

"Immediately after the race he was very down," explained team boss Whitmarsh, "and during a post-race TV interview he made a poor joke about his penalties that referenced Ali G.

"However, I’m pleased to say that he chose to return to the track a little while later to speak to the stewards about the joke. They accepted his explanation," he added.

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