Fresh video evidence emerges of illegal Sebastian Vettel overtake

Could Sebastian Vettel still loose the World Championship?



28 November 2012 - 08:26
Fresh video evidence emerges of (...)

Fresh video evidence has recently emerged on the internet of Sebastian Vettel carrying out a blatantly illegal overtake on one of the Toro Rossos during the opening laps of the Brazilian Grand Prix, continuing strong speculation that the German broke the sporting regulations during his Championship-winning drive.

During the broadcast of the Brazilian Grand Prix, Sky Sports F1 broke away from the usual FOM feed of the action to show a replay of Sebastian Vettel overtaking Kamui Kobayashi throughout the final sector of the track. Admittedly the pair had just negotiated a yellow flag zone, however it was quite clear that the Red Bull driver completed his overtake after the yellow flag zone had ended. The suspected yellow light was in fact a yellow and red light warning the drivers of the slippery track conditions as the rain began to fall.

A second overtake by Sebastian Vettel on a HRT was also alleged to be illegal, however close investigation of this second overtake also clearly shows that it was legal and was carried out only moments before the pair entered a yellow flag zone. However, a third overtake by Sebastian Vettel which was not picked up upon during the race broadcast shows the reigning World Champion completing an overtaking maneuver on a Toro Rosso down the back straight, only moments before exiting the yellow flag zone. This is clearly stated by the German’s dashboard upon his RB8, with two yellow lights remaining constant just below the rev-counter.

This new video footage could well have serious implications throughout the world of Formula 1, should any team [such as Ferrari] wish to protest to the FIA. Any team wishing to do so will have until Friday 30th November to officially approach the sport’s governing body on the matter.

Should the FIA find Sebastian Vettel’s maneuver on the Toro Rosso to be illegal, then a twenty-second timed penalty would more than likely be added to his time, demoting him to 8th in the race classification and therefore crowning Fernando Alonso Champion in what would be one of the most controversial twists in the history of the sport. No team has yet to approach the FIA on this matter, and after the above deadline will be unable to do so.

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