Ferrari not sure Red Bull to be weak at Monza

"They have a very good car; perhaps it’s part of the tactical game"



29 August 2010 - 22:17
Ferrari not sure Red Bull to be (...)

Stefano Domenicali is not yet writing off Ferrari’s championship chances, but he also doubts Red Bull is set to suffer a performance dip.

Red Bull figures are predicting that Monza in two weeks will be the Austrian team’s weakest venue of the season, but on the similar Spa-Francorchamps layout this weekend, Mark Webber secured pole and drove to second place.

"I hope it’s true, but I don’t believe it," the Ferrari team boss told reporters in Belgium. "They have a very good car; perhaps it’s part of the tactical game."

Ferrari looked set for a strong showing at Spa early this weekend, but Fernando Alonso has ultimately fallen more than 40 points behind the title lead.

And the forthcoming Brazilian GP will mark two years since a red car has been on pole.

"It’s definitely not a good sign because it means we do not have the best package. In Germany, we were very close, but now we seem to have fallen back a bit."

The Italian insists, however, that the famous Maranello based team is still in the running.

"In 2007 we were 17 points behind with two races to go and we became champion. We will continue to push, because today, three of the five contenders did not score.

"We were one of them, but maybe next time it’s the other way around, so we have to keep going," added Domenicali.

Another worry for Ferrari is the September disciplinary hearing over the Hockenheim controversy, and the possibility of a further points loss, but Domenicali said he is "sure the World Council will understand our point".

He also confirmed that, unlike Renault and perhaps McLaren, Ferrari is not planning to drop the F-duct from its package for Monza.

And he jokingly commented on speculation that until very recently, Korean organisers were still to lay the asphalt at its new formula one venue.

"I think a cancellation would be a problem for everyone in the championship fight," said Domenicali.

"But right now I am expecting that the race will take place. If there is still a gravel road, then we will have to get Kimi (Raikkonen) back!" he laughed.

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