Engines staying the same in 2021 - Steiner

"The manufacturers are working to save some costs"



5 November 2018 - 13:20

Gunther Steiner thinks the engine regulations are staying basically the same for 2021.

In recent months, scepticism as to the extent of Liberty Media’s plans for vastly different engines in 2021 has circulated in the paddock.

And following the most recent team bosses meeting, Haas chief Gunther Steiner says the sport looks set to continue with its current ’power units’.

"The regulations are not completely decided yet. There are still talks going on," he said.

"In principle, I think the engines will be staying the same as they are now, or very close to it. I think the manufacturers are working to save some costs," added Steiner.

It was thought the big changes for 2021 would significantly increase the sound of the engines, but Steiner says that while a little more volume would be "nice, I think we’re good where we are".


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