Engineer says Ferrari shakeup ’impressive’

"Arrivabene has understood very well what Ferrari needs"



22 December 2014 - 11:46
Engineer says Ferrari shakeup ’impressive

To some, the ’restructuring’ at Maranello in recent days and weeks has resembled Italian chaos.

But Luca Furbatto, a prominent F1 designer who has moved from Toro Rosso to McLaren for 2015, says the moves by new Ferrari boss Maurizio Arrivabene so far have actually appeared "impressive".

One of those decisions was to sign up ousted Toro Rosso driver Jean-Eric Vergne as tester — a move that surprised most F1 insiders.

Furbatto told Ferrari insider Leo Turrini’s blog: "Jev is fast and he’s a fighter. In the race he never gives up.

"I know some are wondering why Ferrari didn’t offer the opportunity to (Davide) Rigon or (Raffaele) Marciello, but I think there is a very sensible explanation.

"Today, unfortunately, the rules do not allow track testing, so the very young or the absolute beginners are objectively disadvantaged.

"Vergne has three seasons of experience and in the simulator he has worked a lot with (engineer Riccardo) Adami, who has now gone to Maranello with Vettel," Furbatto added.

"From a distance," he continued, "I have the impression that Arrivabene has understood very well what Ferrari needs. The revolution taking place at the level of the racing department is impressive.

"From my point of view it is good to have at the helm someone like (James) Allison: one of the best in the business, one who speaks Italian so that he is understood.

"It seems to me that Arrivabene is shaping a team according to a pyramid structure, with clear roles and responsibilities. This is encouraging, as with clarity, results will come.

"It may seem strange from someone working for McLaren but I hope for this (Ferrari’s success) with all my heart," Furbatto concluded.

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