’Difficult’ to be Schumacher’s son - Mick

"There are good sides to it"



1 February 2019 - 09:05
'Difficult' to be Schumacher

Mick Schumacher has admitted that it is sometimes "difficult" to be the son of F1’s most successful driver of all time.

Reigning European F3 champion Schumacher, 19, is stepping up to Formula 2 this year, and he also recently signed up with Ferrari’s driver development programme.

Some think Schumacher’s path was made easier because his father, fellow German Michael Schumacher, won seven world championships and famously drove for Ferrari and Mercedes.

On the other hand, the Schumacher name might be seen to be a burden, particularly amid great secrecy about the wellbeing of the now 50-year-old Schumacher.

"I am happy to be the son of the greatest F1 racer of all time," Mick insists. "I admire him for that.

"And even if sometimes it can be a bit difficult, it is what it is. There are good sides to it and there are bad sides," Schumacher told the FIA’s Auto magazine.

However, Schumacher is yet to turn a wheel in Formula 2 this year, and yet already the collective F1 world is expecting him to step up to F1 for 2020.

"Again, everybody has to find out for himself what’s best for him," said the German.

"We always said that we wanted to take time for me to develop as a racing driver in the best possible way, and we were good in doing it the way we did."

Finally, Schumacher addressed concerns about his sudden form boost in mid-2018.

"I see from people’s reactions that it is hard to understand and it’s also hard to explain, but really I think it was the outcome of a lot of hard work," he insisted.


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