December calendar shakeup ’unacceptable’ - Brawn

To give them no time for a holiday until Christmas is not acceptable



30 May 2011 - 09:34
December calendar shakeup ’unacceptable’

Ross Brawn has strengthened his words a few days before the World Motor Sport Council meets to consider arguably the most arduous calendar in the history of formula one.

Paddock figures are unhappy with Bernie Ecclestone’s plans to make room for Bahrain in the 2011 schedule by pushing out the date of the season finale to mid December.

Mercedes boss Brawn warned recently that the decision could mean some hard-working staff quit their jobs.

"That (December) is too much," he is quoted as saying by in Monaco.

"Our guys have been working since January and to then give them no time for a holiday until Christmas is not acceptable," added Brawn.

There are other pressures on Ecclestone to give up his plans to reschedule Bahrain this year, including from the New York-based Human Rights Watch.

It wrote in a letter to the FIA and F1 teams that they should "seriously consider the appropriateness of holding (the) event this year in Bahrain in light of the scale of human rights violations there".

Team bosses said earlier in Monaco that they are not adding to the pressure by making direct approaches to the F1 authorities.

"But we have the right to speak our minds," insisted Brawn.

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