Davide Valsecchi set for Lotus E21 aero tests

"I had a seat fitting earlier this week"


23 April 2013 - 15:52
Davide Valsecchi set for Lotus E21 (...)

Davide Valsecchi has become quite a hit with the Enstone crew; we caught up with our ever-entertaining Third Driver to find out how he’s settling in with the team

This is your fourth race weekend with the team; how are you enjoying it so far?

I’m enjoying it very much; there is a great atmosphere in the team and it’s an exciting time for everyone. Our performances on the track have been strong, we currently hold second in the drivers’ championship and third in the constructors’, and I think we’re showing that we are really one of the top teams this year. Hopefully we can carry on that momentum here in Bahrain!

What’s your role during a Grand Prix weekend?

Although I’m not in the car, my weekends always find a way to be quite full! I attend all the engineers’ briefings with Kimi and Romain, plus I’m on the pit wall listening to the team radio during sessions to make sure I’m aware of everything that’s going on. This is important for me as it helps me to understand better what happens on track and also helps me learn how to become a better driver. I also do some work with an Italian TV station and of course attend a lot of marketing events for the team; whenever people need someone to come and talk racing, they call always call Davide Valsecchi!

How tough is it to be sat on the pit wall as a racing driver?

It’s not easy for sure; every driver wants to be in the car and racing is what we love to do! Of course, I hope one day to be on the Formula 1 grid and I think it can happen, but for this year I have another important job to do for the team, so I will make the most of the experience, learn as much as I can and see what happens in the future.

Do you have some time behind the wheel lined up any time soon?

Yes actually, I had a seat fitting earlier this week to be prepared for some aero tests later in April. It’s not quite racing, but it means I have some time in the car to get more used to the controls and of course it’s always great to work with the team. Hopefully I’ll be useful to them and maybe help find something to make the car even better on track! It’s always a good feeling to be in a Formula 1 car, so I’m looking forward to it.

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