Brundle move ends Coulthard commentary combo

"I need to commentate on every race live"


29 November 2011 - 08:03
Brundle move ends Coulthard commentary

Former McLaren drivers Martin Brundle and David Coulthard will no longer share a commentary box in 2012.

Brundle, who is also Coulthard’s former manager, has accepted an offer to switch from the BBC to Britain’s new dedicated F1 channel run by Sky.

The job undoubtedly involves more money, but - referring to the split BBC/Sky coverage - he insisted in his Sunday Times column: "I need to commentate on every race live.

"Recorded and delayed sports television doesn’t give me the adrenalin fix I crave."

Some BBC viewers lashed out at the move, writing on Brundle’s Twitter page that he is a "sell out" and a "traitor".

"After 15 years of F1 commentary I’ve made a career choice," the 52-year-old hit back. "(I) don’t recall any promises or obligations to anyone."

With Coulthard announcing he is staying with the BBC, it means the effective combination shared their last race call at Interlagos on Sunday.

"I’m sure I’ll continue to be criticised for my inability to pronounce ’Vettel’ correctly - thank god Nick Heidfeld left midseason as the abuse was getting ridiculous!" Scot Coulthard wrote in his Telegraph column.

"(But) I remain as passionate as ever and hope that my insight adds something for race fans."


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