Bruised Ecclestone knocked unconscious in London attack

"I’m feeling it now, bit painful, it was a good whacking"



27 November 2010 - 09:07
Bruised Ecclestone knocked unconscious

Bernie Ecclestone was kicked unconscious by his muggers and on Saturday was sporting a very badly bruised eye.

The 80-year-old F1 chief executive told British newspapers his minor injuries are "painful" but he is "ok" after a group of men attacked him whilst outside his office with his girlfriend in London.

"I’m feeling it now, bit painful, it was a good whacking," said Ecclestone.

"When I was on the ground I could hear Fabiana (Flosi) screaming for help and I took a kick or two in the head and went unconscious," he revealed.

"When I came to there was blood everywhere from my head wound but I was lucky.

"It was completely stupid and uncalled for. If they had confronted me and asked for everything we had, I would have handed over everything in my pockets, my wallet, anything," said Ecclestone, adding that the muggers "ripped" the earrings from his girlfriend’s ears.

He said reports that the Hublot watch taken from his wrist was worth more than $300,000 is "bollocks".

Ecclestone’s daughter Tamara condemned the "hideous" attack but said her dad has already returned to work.

"It takes a lot to throw my dad off," she told the Evening Standard. "I spoke to him this morning and he is in good spirits."

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