Austrian broadcaster ORF rethinks F1 deal

"The formula one ratings are not bad but..."



31 December 2014 - 14:12
Austrian broadcaster ORF rethinks (...)

Another German-language F1 broadcaster is rethinking its commitment to the sport.

Earlier this month, Germany’s RTL blamed F1’s "incomprehensible rules" and "counterproductive external representations" for a significant ratings decline this year.

And now, the Austrian broadcaster ORF is also rethinking its formula one commitment, according to the Austrian news agency APA.

"My position on this is clear," said Richard Grasl, ORF’s finance director.

"I think what makes more sense than the formula one expenditure is to develop Austrian creativity and therefore fund more films and series.

"The formula one ratings are not bad," he explained, "but they have declined in the German realm. We will examine each case very closely."

ORF’s contract with F1 runs until 2016. It is rumoured the Red Bull-owned Austrian broadcaster Servus TV could be a potential alternative.

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