Another Indian state starts F1 track project

"We have been approached for a F1 circuit in Goa"



26 April 2011 - 11:20
Another Indian state starts F1 (...)

With the finishing touches now being applied at the New Delhi venue, it emerges that a second formula one project in India is already underway.

The news comes as 2011 Indian grand prix organisers Jaypee played down fears the inaugural race in October could be a Commonwealth Games-style planning debacle.

"Be assured my friends," said executive chairman Manoj Gaur. "The track is ready and the homologation of the facility will be done in July as per the timetable of the FIA."

And the Times of India reports that an entirely-separate project is set to go ahead in the Goa state.

"Yes, we have been approached for a F1 circuit in Goa. We have decided to go ahead with it," confirmed tourism director Swapnil Naik, who indicated that a coastal site for the venue is likely.

According to the reports, Goa’s government recently set up a tourism taskforce to decide on infrastructure projects such as golf courses, entertainment parks, boxing arenas and the F1 circuit.

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