Alonso ’just a spectator’ in F1 briefings

"And if you upset him, and then you are involved in something"



22 December 2014 - 14:11
Alonso ’just a spectator’ in F1 (...)

Fernando Alonso claims F1 drivers stay deliberately quiet in pre-race briefings chaired by Charlie Whiting.

New drivers have often expressed surprise at the contrast between fiery driver briefings in lower categories, and the almost silent exchange between officials and racers in the F1 equivalent.

In a feature covering his final race with Ferrari last month in Abu Dhabi, Spaniard Alonso said the F1 briefing is usually little more than a "chat between friends (drivers)".

"I usually stay out of all discussions and quarrels," he told the La Sexta programme, "because in my years of racing, I have found that the briefing is a formality.

"If you say something, sometimes all you achieve is the race director becoming angry.

"And if you upset him, and then you are involved in something ... instead I sit down, relax, think and listen.

"It has become fairly routine," the Spaniard explained. "I’m there just as a spectator."

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