Alonso has high expectations

“I hope to stay here for many years”


28 January 2010 - 17:40
Alonso has high expectations

Fernando Alonso arrived at the Ferrari convention centre for the press conference following the launch of the new F10 challenger and like team-mate Felipe Massa, was the focus of attention as he discussed the season ahead, life at Ferrari as well as his hopes and ambitions with his new team.

“I’m very calm regarding the work done by all the technicians at Ferrari,” the double world champion said. “We have the best technicians in the world. The work we’re doing in February, with Felipe’s and my suggestions on the car, makes me really confident as far as the first race is concerned. We have a team that is able to set up the best possible car for you in a very short time. What raises our confidence are the technicians, the data from the wind tunnel, the suspension, the mechanics and the engine. It might even happen that the data on the track will be even more encouraging."

The Spanish driver was keen to emphasise that he is keen to work alongside Massa in relative harmony. "Felipe and I both race for Ferrari, it is important that a red car wins,” he said. “We’ll both give it our all to improve our performance... we’ll both give 100%. I’ve always had strong team-mates and I never had any problems with then. I have a great relation to all of them and it won’t be different with Felipe."

Regarding the new rules which prohibit refuelling during a Grand Prix, Alonso believes the heavy fuel load will require changes to his relatively aggressive driving style. “The drivers have to adapt to every situation, especially during the first laps in the race,” he said with reference to potential tyre wear. “We’ll have a more precise idea after the first test; with the petrol load we can put into the tank we’ll all have a different load on board. We’ll concentrate on our work during the tests, without considering the lap times; we’ll see if we’ll be satisfied with the car or not.”

Alonso also commented on the new points system: "It’s the same for all. Although as far as I am concerned, I’m a traditionalist; we’re losing a little bit of the statistics. Today in the top ten I’m on place four in terms of overall points in the history of F1. The statistics will get lost over time, because the drivers will earn more points. But the sport has to renew itself and they decided like that because they think that this is the best possible way.”

Answering the question if there will be more or less overtaking Alonso said: "Nothing will change this year, you always have to take every opportunity to overtake, although knowing nothing about the strategies of the other teams, the qualifying will be really important.”

In the end the Spanish driver spoke about his dreams he wants to make come true with Ferrari: “All my dreams in my career came true: now the one to become a Ferrari driver. 10 years ago I met Ferrari managers, but back then it was about racing for a [privateer] team, like Prost. Now the feeling is different, I can almost feel the car in Valencia, it’s very exciting. I hope to stay here for many years, because if you don’t win the championship one year, you don’t have to consider to change the team.”


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