Alonso could test McLaren in 2019 - Brown

"Zak wants me to stay in touch with the team"



24 November 2018 - 09:50

Zak Brown says Fernando Alonso is free to drive McLaren’s 2019 car next year.

As he races in F1 for the final time for now, Alonso’s car in Abu Dhabi features the words ’Hasta Luego’, meaning something like ’See you later’.

That next appearance in F1 could be for a test, McLaren boss Brown said.

"I would not exclude it. If Fernando wants to test the car, we are open to getting his feedback. He would only have to call us," Brown said.

Alonso confirmed: "Zak wants me to stay in touch with the team.

"I will have to see my availability, my desire, and if I can help McLaren, Carlos (Sainz) and the conditions interest me, I will accept.

"If not, I will try to rest at home," the Spaniard smiled.

"I want to be free to choose what I want to do, without a calendar so strict that I know what I’m going to do from January to December."


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