Allison: Two platforms for development

"To make the most of the creativity and originality of our engineers"


By Olivier Ferret

27 May 2014 - 10:03
Allison: Two platforms for development

Scuderia Ferrari personnel are now back at base after the Monaco Grand Prix, convinced the team could have come away with something more in terms of the actual result. Kimi delivered a great performance and he was unlucky not to get a well-deserved podium finish. As for Fernando, he brought home more valuable points, thus preventing Red Bull from pulling too far away in the championship classification.

The engineers have returned to work today in Maranello, looking at two distinct platforms when it comes to development: a short term programme to close the gap that separates the Scuderia from its closest rivals and work on improving its methodology, with a plan aimed on the long term.

Technical Director James Allison summed up the situation on “In Monaco, we continued to analyse the areas in which the F14 T can be improved and now, we are looking ahead to the next race in Canada, where the package we will use there is a good step faster than the car we raced last weekend. While our development programme has progressed well in recent weeks, it is hard to predict exactly what this will mean for the competitiveness of the F14-T, as we do not know what steps our competitors plan to bring to Montreal. So any improvement has to be seen in relative terms, hoping that the track will deliver an answer worthy of all the efforts we have made so far.”

The other area of development on which the Scuderia is working, relates to the management of the team and its working methods.

“We must be able to make the most of the creativity and originality of our engineers,” continued Allison. “We know there is no magic wand, but there is a wealth of talent at Ferrari and we are working on an implementation and an approach to the work which allows it to emerge.”

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